2020 made me run to art each time I had a chance.


While I created, I was able to calm my worries and focus my energy into the piece. To be a teacher and having to teach behind a mask left me exhausted and anxious. How will I teach with this mask and keeping distance? I worried about the lessons I was putting together for my students' virtual days, seated classroom days, classes divided in 2 groups, and being able to set goals, adjust, and reteach, adjust once again. I had days where I cried and days where I felt a like I actually was teaching. 

What I learned fast was that I could not teach the same way I had been teaching for 13 years. I had to be flexible. I noticed a transformation happening in the studio as well as my mind relaxed from the busy days. 





Here's my latest piece which is of a happy place, a festive place. I titled this piece "Rendezvous". I'll talk more about Rendezvous in my next post. 

On the easel


Being at home has not been easy but I have this piece to keep me busy.

: Social Distancing No More is what I see in my mind when we step back out into the world and do the things we like to do with the people we love. I am enjoying the time I'm spending with this piece as I add layers of paint changing the painting slowly. 

Watercolor JOY


I love painting cityscapes and this one really speaks to my heart. As I paint these, I think of the people and what and they are going. 

Social Distancing

No More 6/16

I've been lost for a while. Escaping to my Neverland trying to deal with loss of a friend, the wearing of face masks, and all that is going on on top of the pandemic. 
I found this piece allowed me to escape in the lines, colors, and shapes. Helping me feel my way through the troubling chaotic world revealing a piece which speaks of hope, love, and happiness
I'm so happy that I was able to complete it in time for the annual 
Springfield Regional Arts Council  Member Show 2020 — at Springfield Regional Arts Council.

SRAC Annual Member Show, presented by Positronic. To view the virtual gallery, visit https://springfieldarts.org/MembersShow2020 and reach out to Rachel@Springfieldarts.org if interested in purchasing a piece.

Calling To ME is a piece I did last summer on a recycled canvas and using old antique books and a photo I took in Honfleur, France. Its really calling me especially these days. I have it in the studio staring at me while I play with another recycled piece I started before the pandemic. I'm adding the people and than something happened where it all became a memory of the days we could touch shoulders and walk along. This is where I am today. I think the world is going to come out of this a better place. I really do. 


Dreams are

made of this! 

Carole Ogden x Eric Ray

Joe Malesky x Carole Ogden

Mark your calendars for the Group Show at Obelisk Home Collaborations this coming September 2020

I approached my friends Eric and Joe. 

The dream of working with such artists is a quite meaningful to me. Unfortunately Eric will not be with bu this spirit will. The interaction with Ray with this piece was very special and something I will never forget. 

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