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Oil Paintings

What oils painting does to me is give me the time to play with my story. I really enjoyed adding the crowd in this piece.

I enjoy most what happens to the photography on my cavas. With this piece the story started with the kilt but ended up with man's best friend. 

My facination with Watercolors

I have only taken one short watercolor class and from day one, I found the interaction with the paper and color was like a magic show. I studied all I could from brushes, to paints, to paper and each time I decided to do a piece, I continued to fall in love with this medium. 

Joinging an Art Gallery

When I entered my first gallery, I knew nothing about promoting my work and all I know today, is because of that incredible experience. One of the greatest things I learned is that a painting can live on thru prints and cards. 

Steping out of the Studio

From my art studio where I would escape the busy world to busy art shows and exhibits, I have enjoyed every step of the way. 
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